Mary Street Cafe

Mary Street Cafe

For my first Khana adventure of 2014, I headed out to Surry Hills to catch up with a friend, and stumbled upon this cafe!

After much deliberating, because of the many delicious items on offer, we finally settled on the open-mouth lentil burger. While I’ve always been skeptical of vegetarian or vegan food, this was a winner! The lentil patty rests on sourdough bread, and is piled with fresh vegetables and accompanied by a spoonful of hommus on top. Also, lots of items on the menu included avocado, which we liked, and the burger was perfectly completed with it! For $14, it was great value as well.

The wait-staff were so friendly and accommodating, finding us a couple of small tables for the bench seat in the courtyard, which was a bit different, but still awesome! The cafe has a relaxed, laid back vibe, and the food comes out pretty quickly, which was great as well.

A wonderful find, especially since it was on the way to another cafe we initially thought we might try. We agreed that we’d definitely go back again to try the breakfast items, which looked great as well. Definitely worth a visit!!

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