Charlie & Co

Charlie & Co

A day’s shopping at Westfield Sydney and the surrounds is always a good excuse for a dinner and a chat!

There was a great range of burger options, and all very reasonably priced, which was pleasing to see! The one I eventually settled on wasn’t particularly adventurous, but I picked the Classic one, which was a basic beef patty with a few slices of cheddar cheese, and lettuce, tomato and pickles. The burger tasted amazing, the meat wasn’t too heavy and was flavoursome, which was great. However, the main reason for my trip was to try the parmesan and truffle fries, which were definitely something a bit different, but well worth a try. Cooked in truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan, they were crunchy and soft and the serving was generous, so a big hit!

There’s a great dining section tucked away at the back, which is a good alternative to having to hunt for a table in the busy food court. Service was fast, all we had to do was line up at the counter, order, and a buzzer let diners know when the meal was ready. We only waited around 10 minutes and it was a busy period too, so it worked out very well!

At $14, the burger was decently priced, but the fries were a bit pricey at $8, although the serving was quite generous and intended for sharing, which made up for it. The main drawcard is definitely the fries, which is something a bit different, but well worth a try, and the convenient location makes this a great culmination to any shopping trip!

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