N2 Extreme Gelato

N2 Extreme Gelato

After being thoroughly entertained by the thrills at Circus Oz, the family and I took a stroll in search of some refreshment!

Liquid nitrogen gelato, as I discovered through a practical demonstration in year 9 science, produces the creamiest and most flavoursome ice-cream imaginable! Thus, a trip to N2 was in order to share this discovery with my family and try some of their new flavours. I had previously tried one of their regular flavour offerings – the salted caramel gelato, but my mission this time was to try one of the more experimental, N2 Black gelatos. I opted for the wattleseed creme brulee, which did not disappoint! The sugary top snapped perfectly into small pieces to be eaten with the creamy ice-cream, and the wattleseed was noticeable, but not too overpowering. Very enjoyable and just what was needed on a hot day!

As each gelato is made individually, you get the unique and pleasurable experience of watching your sweet treat being made right in front of you! The whirling smoke from the pouring of the liquid nitrogen creates a magical effect that adds some theatre to the presentation of the final product, and many an iPhone was spotted videoing the spectacle. A special highlight of the creme brulee was watching the staff apply the blowtorch to the sugar on top, to give it the lovely golden caramelisation.

The N2 black flavours are priced at $8, which sounds steep, but the serving is very generous and was easily shared between two people. The staff were kind enough to give us an extra cup and spoon to split it, too! Given that each ice cream is individually made, the experience and taste is certainly value for money. N2 is a must-try, perfect for dessert or an afternoon snack! (An important tip though, it melts really fast, so eat it quick!)

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