Holy Basil

Catching up with old friends from school brought me to this wonderful restaurant, and after hearing good things about their dessert, I just had to try it out!

The Holy Basil menu offers lots of choice, in the way of curries, salads and other noodle options, but I decided to go with my favourite dish – the Chicken Pad Thai! Unfortunately, it wasn’t good as I had expected, as the flavour was lacking, and the noodles used weren’t regular thick pad thai noodles, but a thinner variety that did not suit the dish particularly well. To accompany my meal, I ordered a coconut juice, which did not taste fresh, and disappointed me as well.

However, dessert was the saving grace, as when the fried ice cream arrived, the presentation was as beautiful as the taste, with the flaky fried pastry crumbling to reveal a soft, smooth ice cream within. It was definitely very rich, and so it was good that I opted to share the dish with a friend, but if I had come for dessert alone I could have gladly eaten it all!

To get to Holy Basil, it’s just a short walk from Town Hall station, although the directions did baffle us a bit. Also, you do have to walk through the Shark Hotel to get to it, which can be a little confusing! The restaurant was decorated with beautiful flowers and Thai statues, and the seating space is small and cozy. Given that we went for lunch, it wasn’t too busy, so service was prompt, but they did hustle us out around 3, probably to prepare for the dinner customers.

I wasn’t a fan of the Chicken Pad Thai. Given that it was $14, I was certainty expecting a bit more in the way of taste and texture, but I was very disappointed. The coconut juice, at $4.50, was also not great. However, Holy Basil is worth a try if only for the hero of the day, which was the Fried Ice Cream. Priced at $10, it’s a great option, and is something you don’t see every day, so a wonderful dessert choice overall!

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