A family day trip to the zoo left us feeling famished, so we opted to try some Malaysian cuisine, and of course, compare it to the real thing!

The PappaRich menu features some great Malaysian hawker delights and Kopitiam treats, with a great selection of food and drinks. We opted for some classic dishes – the char kway teoh, hainanese chicken rice and roti canai with chicken curry. The char kway teoh was very disappointing, as the dish did not use the classic thick rice noodles but included a thinner variety instead, and did not have the ‘burned wok’ flavour that makes a good char kway teoh.

On all accounts, the chicken rice was a good dish, which was pleasing to see! I had the roti canai and chicken curry. The roti was sweet, soft and flaky, and the curry had just the right amount of spice, perfectly tenderising the chicken. While some of the family thought that the roti was too sweet, and not enough like authentic roti, I enjoyed the sweetness and crispness, and thought it worked well with the curry regardless. I accompanied this with fresh apple juice, which was nice and refreshing as well.

The restaurant itself is nice and open, reminiscent of Malaysian eateries, with an outdoor dining area and ample seating indoors. However, it was a hot day, and the fans were slightly insufficient to keep us cool. Also, the service is done in Kopi Tiam fashion – you write down each menu item number on a menu stub and hand it to your server, noting down any variations or dietary requirements as well, to await them bringing your food. There was a mixup with one of the menu items as they brought the wrong dish, but this was quickly resolved.

A good, enjoyable, and decently priced meal – we fed the family of four with drinks for around $60. It’s quite difficult to find authentic Malaysian food in Sydney, but some of the dishes here are spot on, and have even incorporated little twists to improve the dishes and make them unique to PappaRich. I’ll definitely be back!

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