Parramatta has always been known as a foodie hotspot, but the choice between eateries has just become even more difficult with the addition of Grill’d at Westfield!

There is such a diverse range of burger options to choose from, but I decided on the Simply Grill’d with cheese, which includes the beef patty (helpful!), salad, relish and herbed mayo. There are also three bread choices for the bun, which is great, so I opted for the panini bread. The relish was the standout – the tomato based sauce tasted flavoursome and fresh, and was very enjoyable! We also ordered the ‘Hot’ Mama, which I didn’t personally try due to my aversion to chilli, but on all accounts it was good as well. The portions are quite large and substantial though, so by the time we got to the Rosemary Chips, we were quite full. Nevertheless, they were very tasty and flavoursome, and so soft, and the relish that they gave along with the chips, reminiscent of that in the burger, complemented them perfectly.

The restaurant is tucked away near Sky Phoenix, and is hung with strands of fairy lights, with green carpeting and a dark decor creating a forest or nature like-appearance. Orders are placed at the counter and food is then brought to the table, so deciding on the spot was quite difficult! But the best thing about Grill’d is the bottle top initiative where you can place a bottle top into a jar representing a charity in order for money to be donated to the most popular one. A small social gesture, and it was fun to learn about various local causes as well!

A great meal, very filling, and value for money, with the Simply Grill’d burger priced at $10.50 with cheese, and the chips costing $3.50. We opted for the snack size with the chips, and even that was quite large, so be mindful of that! But I thoroughly enjoyed the food, so for a great burger experience, check out Grill’d!

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