IKEA Restaurant

Being fortunate enough to live within walking distance of the IKEA in Rhodes, I love eating at the restaurant, which boasts some cheap and tasty Swedish delights!

All of the menu options are very well priced, and offer a lot of value because of the large portion sizes. As it was lunchtime, the lunch and dinner menu was in effect, so I chose the Swedish Meatballs with chips for my meal. The meatballs are slightly tangy, albeit a bit plain, and definitely needed to be eaten along with sauce of some kind, so I opted for tomato sauce, which can be taken from large pumps at a self-serve unit. My friends and I then decided to share some of the dessert, so we picked waffles with cream and strawberry, and chocolate and almond cake. The waffles were crisp and tasty, but not too sweet, and the cream and strawberries complemented them well. I didn’t enjoy the cake as much, as it was very chocolate-y and sweet, and slightly overwhelming, so a small taste of it was more than enough.

The dining hall operates as a queue, where you line up, take a tray and then grab smaller sandwich or dessert items from fridge cabinets on the side, or wait for the hot food section at the back, where servers plate up your chosen meal. The system is very efficient and does not result in long waits, which is excellent! The tray is then taken to the register and you pay for what you have chosen. Self service coffee, tea and soft drinks can also be purchased, and there is condiments and sauce to have with your chosen meal as well. And of course, a variety of IKEA tables and chairs are available to sit on to enjoy your meal. A handy bonus – there’s free WiFi!

A great, and very inexpensive dining experience! The meatballs are priced at $9 and together, all of the dessert choices came to around $8. The food is good value for what you pay, and their dessert items are very tasty! Other options that I’ve enjoyed in the past are the boisenberry yoghurt, apple cake and cinnamon scroll, so give those a try too!

IKEA Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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