Intouch Cafe

Intouch Cafe

A pre-Christmas post ice-skating adventure in Cantebury resulted in a short drive to Bankstown Sports Club in order to sample one of their many eatery offerings!

The menu range at this cafe is substantial and very impressive, they have anything from fresh yoghurt to pastries and more bistro-style options. As we went in the afternoon, we didn’t want anything too heavy, but opted for a light snack, so the choice of calamari and chips was shared between two people. The serving was very large, and the taste and flavour was good, as the calamaris were lightly crumbed and not too chewy. We were given packets of tartar sauce and salad dressing to use as well. The presentation was also very impressive for a small cafe, with the chips coming in a small basket, and the salad in an individual bowl.

The club itself is something of a hidden gem – as we walked inside, we found ourselves overawed by the expansive Christmas display decorating the foyer, and marking the entrance to the snazzy water feature near the La Piazza part of the club. As it was lunch, we were unable to try those restaurants, but when we went up to the cafe, the seating was complemented by a jungle display, complete with foilage and animal figurines, which created a fun atmosphere to dine in!

A very satisfying and filling meal! Not much in the way of flavour or intrigue with the dish, but for a light snack it was excellent. At $13, it was also excellent value in relation to the large portion size, so definitely a great family meal option at the Bankstown Sports Club!

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