Jamie’s Italian

A law girls reunion lunch saw us travel to Wynyard in order to try Jamie’s Italian, a very well known establishment that I’ve been dying to try!

There were lots of great and unique sounding options on the menu, like the Black Angel pasta, made of squid ink, and Honeycomb Cannelloni. However, they were out of some of the options, which was a bit disappointing! There were also a couple of dishes where one ingredient, such as anchovies, made the option seem unappetizing, and unfortunately, they couldn’t really alter them. Nevertheless, I settled on the Sausage Parpadelle, described as slow-braised fennel sausage ragù with red wine, parmesan & crunchy, herby breadcrumbs. The taste was great, and it was flavorsome and crunchy with the breadcrumbs. The pasta was very beautiful as well, with a lovely curly edge! The only thing I would do differently is order the entree size, because it was such a large portion size that I was more than full after eating it! I also sampled some of my friend’s dish, which was the Land and Sea Risotto. It was perfectly cooked and deliciously creamy, but I wasn’t sure about the seafood, as the taste did not permeate the actual risotto. Nevertheless, the presentation was beautiful and the dish looked wonderful and fresh.

We sat in the elevated portion at the top of the restaurant, which was unfortunately not air conditioned, and it was unpleasant on such a hot day! Nevertheless, the decor was very funky and indie, with graffiti on the walls and dim lighting to create a vibrant atmosphere. Our wait staff were very friendly and accommodating despite our large group that was thrown together at the last minute, and our dishes were delivered promptly as well, possibly because it was lunch, and therefore not such a busy period. I would definitely recommend booking though, because I had previously been without booking and missed out on eating because of the one and a half hour wait!

I really enjoyed the pasta dishes, and would certainly be back for them! However, the large portion size ($19.50) was too much to finish for a regular meal, so I’d order the entree size for a lunch, especially in order to be able to fit in a dessert, as I would’ve liked! Will definitely be back!

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