Devon Cafe

Devon Cafe

A foodie date with a friend, in which we endeavour to discover awesome new eateries, led us to this wonderful cafe in Surry Hills!

We ordered off the summer menu which had some great dishes, and a lot of variety, from more fresh options to hearty meals. Since it was quite a hot day, I opted for the Summer Fruit Frenzy, which was a seasonal fruit salad with 10 different types of fruit, and homemade yogurt sorbet. It was fresh and tasty, as a good fruit salad should be, and the selection and variety of fruits was excellent! The yogurt was also light and creamy and offered the kick of flavour and texture the dish needed. It was a great pick for a light and healthy lunch, with even the waitress commenting that it was a good option! My friend ordered Yotam’s scotch egg, which was described as a lamb mince kibbeh, quail egg, pine nuts, Arabic chopped salad, labneh and toast. I tried a little of the quail egg, which was coated in spices and very flavourful! The texture and taste was very similar to that of a normal egg, but the spices used enhanced the flavour of the egg without being too spicy, so it was a very successful and well put together dish.

The cafe has a courtyard in the back that is covered, providing much needed shade on a hot day, but lined both sides with a vine covered lattice that allows intermittent squares of light to escape through, creating some lovely lighting effects for instagram pictures! It was a beautiful and nice and quiet place to chat, and the staff were very accommodating to us, given that we sat at the table chatting until well after closing time! Great service, and while the food did take a few minutes to come out, it was well worth the wait!

At $15, the Summer Fruit Frenzy is a tasty and healthy light lunch or breakfast option. Another great cafe in Surry Hills and what’s more, it’s just a short walk from the station (exit on Foveaux St). I’ll definitely be back!

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