While Broadway Shopping Centre is just a short walk away from Chinatown, there’s always great Japanese and Korean fusion food to be found at Tomodachi!

There are a good range of salads, sushi and noodle options and bento boxes, but I went with the somewhat different option of Chicken Okonomiyaki, which is a fried pancake comprised of potato, egg, shredded cabbage and meat or seafood of some kind. The dish was presented on a sizzling plate, which adds to the visual aspect of the meal, but as for the taste, the pancake was flavoursome and slightly crunchy, with a good amount of seasoning, and the cabbage and potato were perfectly balanced. It was quite thick, and similar to a vegetable patty that goes into a burger, with the exception of the meat cooked inside it. However, it was quite a generous portion, so be wary of that if you would rather a lighter meal. My companion picked the Chicken lunch special box, which included sweet potato noodles, teriyaki chicken and rice, a selection of sushi and salad. The presentation was, once again, very beautiful! The sushi was a bit disappointing and bland, but the Teriyaki Chicken, while normally not a favoured dish of mine, was delicious, and the noodles very interesting!

The restaurant offers a choice between a-la-carte dining or the sushi train, which was very busy around lunchtime. Thankfully, when we went, the restaurant was not too crowded, and the food came out quickly, although service was a bit slow. The dimly lit interior and colourful seating inside creates a nice atmosphere for either a simple lunch and catchup, or a group dinner with friends.

The meals that we chose were very tasty, and value for money at $14.80 each, but the portion sizes were very generous, so be mindful of that when ordering. Previously, I’ve also had the cheese scallops, which are great, and the salmon sashimi, which are a nice, fresh and light snack, so definitely give those a try too! Overall, a great pick for a hearty lunch, and to try a new cuisine!

Tomodachi on Urbanspoon


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