Pancakes on the Rocks

An afternoon treat after bowling or laser tag can always be found at Pancakes on the Rocks in North Strathfield!

Pancakes on the Rocks has quite a diverse range of options on their menu in terms of breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinner options. However, after trying their pizza previously, I decided that main meals definitely isn’t their forte, so I’d stick to the pancakes! You can choose either 2 pancakes or 4 crepes with each of the menu options, but I decided to go with the more wholesome option and stick to the pancakes! The Vanilla and Choc Surprise was my first pick. It’s a great option for sharing since there’s one plain buttermilk and one chocolate pancake, which means that the dish isn’t too sweet, and you get a taste of both! It comes with a scoop of ice-cream for each pancake, and eating both together is a perfect combination of chocolately or vanilla goodness that just melts in your mouth. The other set we tried was the Macadamia Madness, which I liked as well, since it came with maple syrup to drizzle over the top! It was equally as delicious, and the nuttiness of the macadamia definitely came through, with actual nut pieces sprinkled over the top.

The restaurant is usually quite busy, so try and go during an afternoon or early in the morning rather than at night, unless you’re willing to endure a lengthy wait. Also, be mindful of any dietary requirements and allergies – lots of the pancakes have nuts in them, and the wait staff are pretty good with letting you know what’s in the dishes if you need to watch out for that. The interior has a cool, warehouse vibe, being built in the old Arnott’s Biscuits factory, which adds to the ambiance of the place, and large TV screens play popular music videos for your amusement as well.

North Strathfield’s Bakehouse Quarter as a whole has some wonderful dining options, so I’d definitely stick to those for the main meal, and come to Pancakes for a snack or dessert! But trying their unique range of pancakes or crepes is a must, and bring some friends so you can taste a few different things as well!

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