Chur Burger

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The search for some food in Surry Hills before going to a taping of Gruen Planet led us to the doorstep of Chur Burger!

The options in terms of burgers are quite limited, but this made me confident that they had perfected the choices available. I stuck to a safe option, and picked the grilled beef burger with cheese, tomato jam, mustard, mayo and pickle. It was so tasty, and had a lot of flavour and seasoning! The beef was tender and juicy, and the presentation was also beautiful, as it came in a little basket on spotty paper – perfect for Instagram and visual eating! We also got a serve of wedges for the table, which were nice, but not particularly memorable. However, all around, everyone agreed that each of their burger picks were delicious, which was also a great plus!

The seating space inside is quite limited, but the tables are large, which was great for our group of 6! Nevertheless, at a busier time (we went around 5!) it may be somewhat more difficult to find a table, so be mindful of that. Also, there’s no table service, which reduces the need for a lot of staff, but this also means you have to decide quite quickly and go up to the counter and order, which took a while for the whole group to do. The interior decor is very retro, creating a nice backdrop for their burger creations. We left a lot of time for dinner, which was good, as the burgers took a while to come out, but it was well worth the wait!

A definite must-try for burger aficionados, or if you’re in the area around Surry Hills and looking for a quick dinner! While their range is limited, they’ve definitely got the hang of perfecting the burgers they do offer, and I’ve heard good things about their milkshakes too.

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