The Choc Pot

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After spying pictures of jars of ice-cream and other sweet creations on Instagram, I decided to go and investigate The Choc Pot for myself!

The menu covers a great range of options, from hot or cold drinks to waffles, and of course, the dessert jars! The one I picked was off the Summer in a Jar menu – the Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake. It was simply devine! The cake was nice and soft, giving some much needed texture to the cream cheese topping and ice cream center. It wasn’t too sweet either, with just the right amount of each of the three layers, but I struggled to finish the whole jar, even though it was so good, so I had my friend help me finish it off! The presentation was beautiful though, with the brown, white and pink reminding me of Neapolitan ice cream, and the jar that contained it all was a cool container, and something quite unique!

The Choc Pot is only a short walk away from the station, and about 5 minutes from Westfield, making it super convenient to get to! It wasn’t too busy either, which was nice, and the staff were really helpful in suggesting options to order. The interior is very awesomely decorated, and the chalkboard menu is a quirky touch!

If you’re in Burwood and looking for a sweet treat, the Choc Pot is a must! I really enjoyed my little taste of Summer in a Jar, and would definitely go back to try their caramel hot chocolate and some of the awesome waffles! A definite dessert haven in my neighborhood!

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