Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

A trip to find some State of Origin merch required a much needed dessert break, so we headed to Max Brenner to get a chocolatey snack!

Most of the options on the Max Brenner menu include some element of chocolate, and the chocolate waterfalls provide a tantalising glimpse into the richness of the liquid chocolate included in their sweet treats! We opted for the Chocolate Fondue for Two, which comes with two pots of chocolate (we chose milk and dark), a plate of fruit including strawberries and banana, and a plate of sweets, including marshmallows and banana bread. The chocolate was divine – not too sweet, and while I prefer milk chocolate, the dark chocolate was much better for coating the marshmallows and banana bread, because of the slight bitterness offsetting the sugary nature of those treats! The fruit was definitely the highlight for me though, and I would have preferred to have more of the strawberries and bananas – they’re so light and refreshing, and suit the chocolate perfectly!

Being a cafe rather than a restaurant, orders are placed at the counter, so the tough decision about what to pick has to be made on the spot! Service was a bit slow, given that it was quite a busy time of the day, but it was well worth the wait. There is ample seating both inside and outside, and the presentation is stunning, with the chocolate pots heated with tiny candles underneath!

A must try for chocolate lovers! A couple of other things I’ve tried and loved are the white hot chocolate, the white shake with lychee and coconut, and the chocolate with crunchy waffle balls, in the hug mug of course!! But the chocolate fondue for two is a great dessert to share, so give it a go!

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