Doyles on the Wharf

A short ferry ride away from Circular Quay is the beautiful Watsons’ Bay, where the main foodie highlight is Doyles on the Beach, complemented by the more casual Doyles on the Wharf!

There is an astounding array of different fish and chips combinations with various types of fish, and other options like calamari, squid, lobster and prawns. We were so spoilt for choice that we decided on sharing 3 meals between four of us, and we picked the Garlic Prawns with Rice, the Half Lobster Mornay and Barramundi and Chips. We also ordered an extra tartare sauce and tomato sauce, but that turned out to be unnecessary since all of the meals come with an assortment of chilli plum sauce, tartare sauce and vinegarette. After such a long trip, we were hoping for amazing meals, and the food didn’t disappoint! The garlic prawns were divine – lightly grilled and not too dry, with lots of garlic flavour, and the rice also had garlic sauce and pieces through it, which complemented the prawns perfectly. It was my first time trying lobster, so I had no real reference point, but the texture of the meat was interesting and quite chewy, but flavoursome at the same time, and the cheese wasn’t overpowering, but accentuated the taste of the lobster well. After both of those outstanding dishes, the barramundi paled in comparison, but it was still a very well cooked and good quality fish, just not as flavoursome as the other two dishes.

Despite going on a weekday, it was very difficult to find a table for our group to eat, but after a short wait we were eventually successful. The food also took a while to prepare, but we had ordered some of the more involved dishes, and didn’t mind the wait, what with the perfect view of the harbour and beach! The position of the takeaway cafe is great, being right on the wharf where commuters alight the ferry, and it caught our eye almost immediately! The casual nature of the dining experience was perfect for our big group though, and we were able to chat and catch up without much trouble at all.

After hearing from other people that their experiences of the takeaway section of Doyles wasn’t too positive, I would recommend that knowing what to order would certainly ensure your dining experience is much better! We chose dishes that were on the Doyles on the Beach menu, but served more casually and conveniently at the takeaway cafe, and this worked really well for us! A must try for a nice day out and casual lunch at Watsons’ Bay, and be sure to walk through the park and check out The Gap as well, it’s a beautiful spot!

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