Criniti’s Darling Harbour

The search for a venue for our case competition team dinner was difficult, but after browsing the restaurants at Darling Harbor, we eventually settled on Criniti’s!

Previous experiences have taught me to stay clear of the pasta dishes! My personal preference at Criniti’s is the woodfired pizza – they certainly do it best, and I have not as yet had better. Then comes the tough choices, what size pizza to order, and what flavors to pick. From experience, the 1 metre pizza can easily feed four people if you’re a big eater, or around six people if you eat smaller main meals, or order one of their pizza crusts. The 0.5 metre pizza is a good pick for a group of four if you are brave enough to try one of their other pizzas! On this visit, we chose 3 toppings for the 1m pizza – the Capricciosa with ham, mushrooms, basil, mozzarella and olives, the Tropicale with ham, pineapple, origano and mozzarella, and the Calabrese with olives, sausage, salame, capsicum,
D.O.P fior di latte mozzarella, origano and chilli. All three choices were outstanding, particularly the Tropicale, and the base is definitely the highlight! It was soft and thin, and the toppings and cheese were accentuated, just as a perfect base should achieve. On my second visit, I also had the garlic crust, sprinkled with rosemary, which came in six pieces, and with aioli to dip in, a perfect way to start off the meal for our bigger group! Instead of Calabrese, we opted for the Padrino, with chicken, avocado, D.O.P mozzarella and semi sun-dried tomatoes, and it was one of the best, if not the single best topping I have ever had on a pizza! I normally love those ingredients in toasted focaccias, but this took the flavour sensations to another level, and I truly enjoyed the meal.

Dining at Crinitis has always been a pleasurable experience for me! Despite never having booked, they have always been happy to accomodate our large groups, and their service is excellent as well. The pizzas come out quite quickly, and we were able to ask for reccomendations on toppings, which were readily given as well. Sitting outside on nice days is definitely preferable, as you get beautiful views over the water, and the vibrancy and atmosphere of the Harbourside restaurants makes for a great experience. The process of the large pizza coming out adds a bit of theatre to the dish, and it’s certainly something unforgettable! They perch the pizza atop a large wooden board that rests on two circular stands, and you get the full visual effect before you eat it all up!

A definite must try for the pizzas, there are so many different toppings that there’s something for everyone, and the experience of getting a 1 metre long pizza is quite something indeed, so be sure to take some friends along and head on down to Criniti’s!

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