The Grounds of Alexandria

After hearing so much about it, a girls’ brunch with friends from uni presented a great opportunity to check out The Grounds of Alexandria for myself!

The menu is so expansive, with breakfast, brunch and lunch options, as well as a great list of juices and smoothies! Myself and another friend opted to get two dishes to share, so we picked the Grounds Schnitzel, and the Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto Pizette. The schnitzel was cooked to perfection, coated in a herb crust, and it was complemented by a side of walnut, cabbage and raisin salad, which wasn’t a favourite of mine due to the onions overpowering the flavor of the nuts and raisins, but was loved by many on our table. There was also some aioli for dipping the schnitzel pieces in, and the serving was quite generous, so be mindful of that! As for the pizette, both me and my friend agreed that as we ate more, we wanted more, not less! The mozzarella was creamy, and the prosciutto had the right amount of saltiness to balance the pizza, and the figs in the side salad were juicy and sweet, and such a perfect complement to the pizette. This dish was a slightly smaller serving, but still substantial for a single meal.

The vibe and atmosphere of the Grounds was that of an artsy, upmarket cafe attached to a market and farm, with lots of trellises decorated with vines, and rustic signposts and wooden furniture, giving it a rustic feel. We were lucky enough to go on one of the market days, and there was live music playing, free chocolate and fruit samples, and best of all, the place was bustling with people, and it was a very exciting experience. We got there relatively early, and nabbed a spot in the small glass greenhouse they have situated outside, with a table and chairs within for dining. It would’ve been lovely on a hot day, but as it was quite wet, inside was a better option. Our table had a perfect view of the market though, so it wasn’t all bad! The servers were friendly, and the food came out quickly, which was really good to see, especially since it was so busy. They weren’t too good with taking bookings beforehand though, so be mindful of that if you’re taking a big group, as it may be difficult to find a place to sit. After the meal, we went and said hi to the infamous Kevin Bacon, the pig residing in the Grounds, and saw a goat and chicken as well, which was a lovely touch!

A truly unique cafe experience that is all encompassing, boasting a wonderful, vibrant atmosphere, great seating areas and decor, and of course, excellent food that lives up to the hype. At $18 for the schnitzel and $17 for the pizza, both meals were value for money, and very filling. Definitely worth a try if you’re in the area, or are looking for a great brunch spot!

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