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When it comes to afternoon tea treats with a french flair, Laduree does it best, as we discovered after a day out in the city!

The main attraction at Laduree are the rows and rows of macarons in various exciting and unique flavours! We decided to get two different flavours, because having tried them before take-away, I knew that they were quite rich, and so eating more than one would have been a struggle! My choice was the salted caramel – my favorite flavour for anything! This did not disappoint, as the salty caramel flavour came through without tasting burnt, and the macaron was soft, but perfectly shaped to have the familiar crunch upon biting into it! The other pick was a strawberry marshmallow, which was not something I liked, as I found it to be too sweet, and therefore not enjoyable. We also got drinks – my friend chose a latte, and I picked a pot of chamomile tea. Being one of my favorites as well, it was the perfect complement to the macarons, and I easily finished the whole thing!

We opted to dine in at the little picketed area at the back of the shop, which is decorated beautifully with macaron towers and classic silverware with the Laduree label, giving it a very classy and sophisticated feel! The waiters weren’t too personable, and service took a while, despite the fact that there were only two tables occupied. Nevertheless, the presentation of the drinks and macarons was stellar, and the French origins of the cafe were brought to the fore, which was lovely.

A great place for morning tea or an afternoon snack! Perfect for tea, coffee or macaron lovers – there’s such a great range, and eating in is a lovely experience, but keep in mind that the macarons are more pricey when you dine in – around $4.50 rather than the regular $3.50.

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