Pasticceria Papa

My favorite pastry shop in Sydney, Pasticceria Papa, can be found in the suburb of Haberfield, in the midst of a hub of Italian restaurants and culture!

Being a pastry shop, everything is laid out for your eyes to feast upon without the need of a menu, so the vast array of cakes and cookies gives you a lot to work with. However, I always have my one go-to dessert – the ricotta cheesecake! It’s the highlight of this store, and I have never had better. The filling is so deliciously soft and light, and the base isn’t crumbed like most cheesecakes, but is instead a thick pastry that complements the sweetness of the ricotta perfectly. Served lightly dusted with icing sugar, it’s an indulgence, but a necessary one at that! I also picked up a ricotta cannoli, a Sicilian dessert that is a hollow deep fried pastry tube filled with ricotta and topped at either end with pistachios. The ricotta filling was a little different to that in the cheesecake, as it was much creamier and the consistency was more liquid. However, it was equally as delicious, and the pastry in particular was cooked to perfection, cracking easily when I bit into it! While I didn’t try them this time, instead taking them home for my family, their shortbread cookies are also divine, and definitely worth a try!

I didn’t dine in, but instead, bought the pastries to take back home, especially convenient if you’ve just had lunch at one of the surrounding restaurants. The service was quick, and the staff were happy to let us take our time in deciding what to pick, which is often a difficult decision! I would avoid going on weekends and just before busy holidays like Easter and Christmas, because the line can often be around the block! Eating in at the small cafe section is also an option for afternoon tea, and there is ample seating, but be mindful that their sandwich options, which I tried on a previous visit, are not the best.

Absolutely essential to try for any dessert lover, or as a dessert after dining at any of the restaurants in the area! The cakes and cookies are very reasonably priced as well – we paid $4 for each slice of cake, $2.20 for the cannoli, and $1.40 for two biscuits. Beautifully presented and elegantly displayed, you’ll definitely enjoy your trip to Papa’s!

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