Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

A catch up with one of my friends who lives in my area usually leads us to Rhodes Shopping Centre, where the most prominent of some of the recently opened restaurants is this one!

My first experience here left me with a great lunch to remember, but the awful service soured it a little bit! Hoping for the same fantastic food but better service, I chose the same option as last time – the Original Burger, and paired it with a lemon lime bitters, which comes in a trendy looking bottle and is a vivid orange colour, pointing to the strong bitters within, which I love! However, when it came out, the burger was slightly underwhelming, and unfortunately, the onion was very overpowering, the bun slightly overcooked, and the sauce almost non-existent. I was so disappointed! It seemed like the size of the burger had also been reduced since the last time I ate at R&B, and comparing it to other burger experiences revealed just how inadequate R&B is. My friend ordered the Mexican burger, which she surprisingly found really tasty and flavoursome, with a great amount of spicyness, but since I don’t enjoy spicy food, I didn’t give it a try.

The setting and decor of the restaurant are both exquisite! The ceiling is decorated with vines and trellises, and the chairs and tables are a good distance apart, separated by a screen in between, which is nice. The only complaint we had with the setout of the restaurant is that as the sun was setting, it was awful for the person sitting facing the outside of the shop, so be mindful of that when picking a table. The service was much improved from last time though, as both burgers came out together and quickly, whereas on my first time visiting, my burger did not arrive until forty minutes after my friend’s meal, and after me prompting the wait staff as well. The staff at the counter were lovely and helpful, and dealt with the crowd of people well, which was nice to see!

Both of my visits to Ribs & Burgers have left me feeling slightly less than satisfied! On my first visit, it was the lack of service, but on my second visit, the lack of flavour and poorly cooked burger really spoiled the whole experience, and convinced me that the restaurant has a lot of work to do before I will be visiting again! At $10 a burger, I expected a lot more in the way of serving size and attention to detail, and I was truly disappointed. Sadly, I’d give this one a miss!

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