Chocolateria San Churro

The allure of a ‘two for one’ deal on churros led us to the city of Parramatta, where I enjoyed a lovely afternoon snack!

This was my second visit to San Churro so I knew what to expect in terms of the tasting plate with dipping chocolate, which was such a delight last time I came. On this visit, however, I wanted more of their famous churros, which are Spanish donuts that are made with batter and then deep fried, with the distinctive ridge shape lightly dusted with icing sugar. Most distinctively, they’re straight, rather than round like traditional donuts! With the tasting plate, we got a large pot of milk chocolate that was lit by a candle, and then had metal tongs to pick up brownie pieces, strawberries, pretzels and churros to dip into the gooey liquidy goodness! This time, I picked the churros for one, which came with a small bowl of liquid white chocolate (my personal chocolate preference!) and 3 long churros, freshly out of the deep fryer! It was so nice to eat them hot, and they did not disappoint. The oil was minimal, and the crunchy, almost biscuit like texture was perfect for being coated in the liquid chocolate. You can choose between spanish caramel, white, milk or dark chocolate to enjoy with your churros, and they’re best eaten hot, so grab them fresh. I couldn’t finish all three, and had to share them, but I got my free set of churros to go, and finished those off as soon as I got home!

Orders are taken at the counter, and then you are given a number for the table. There’s minimal seating inside, but it was a nice day, so we braved the flies, which made us question how speedily they cleaned the tables, and sat outside, where there was ample seating. The churros were freshly made, so the wait was worth it, and while there was a bit of confusion relating to being charged for the free set, this was quickly sorted out, and our server even offered to make the second set of churros freshly for when we were ready to leave, which was great! The location is fantastic though – it’s right in the heart of Church Street, with great eateries all around, and Mad Mex, Coco Cubano and Criniti’s are all adjacent to San Churro, so it’s in a perfect position for dessert.

If you’re looking a new snack food or dessert to fall in love with, the churros at Chocolateria San Churro are sensational, and so enjoyable! Best of all, look out for their frequent deals and birthday churros, so you can take advantage of that to have even more churros. At $8.95 for the individual churros and $20 for the sharing plate, it’s great value as well, so give it a try!

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