Chefs Gallery

For a last-minute catchup before uni, and finding ourselves in the surrounds of Town Hall, we headed to Chefs Gallery, a short stroll from QVB and Event Cinemas!

When I first glanced through the menu, the sweet roti bread caught my eye, mainly because it’s normally a Malaysian delicacy, not a Chinese one! Nevertheless, I thought that I would brave it, and try some roti bread with curry, and see how it measured up to the authentic thing. Much to my disappointment, I was told that they weren’t serving roti bread, so I picked the wonton noodles in chicken broth instead. I had the momentous decision of having it dry with a spicy sauce, or totally plain with a chicken broth, but i went with the soupy, non-fiery mouth option, and it was great! The wontons were probably the best I’ve had, the meat was perfectly cooked and not too dry, and the pastry light and not doughy, as a good dumpling should be. The noodles and broth were a little bit too bland for my liking though, so perhaps a slightly spicy or flavoured options would’ve been better. However, they were cut in half, making them really easy to eat! Also the serving sizes are quite generous – I finished all 5 wontons, but had at least half a bowl of noodles left over. Nevertheless, we pressed on to dessert, and while we wanted to try the steamed buns that everyone’s been instagramming, they had a sesame filling, so we stuck with the safer option of mango pancakes. They certainly wowed us – the pancake was thin, the mango sweet (but slightly stringy), and the cream not too overpowering, with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce on top. One was perfect, I couldn’t have eaten any more!

The wait staff were quite slow in taking orders and the food did take a while to come out, but it was a busy lunch period so it was understandable. They weren’t particularly friendly though, and that really makes an impression on your meal, so I was a bit disappointed with that! However, we were seated quickly, although we shared the table (we were a group of 2) with another set of customers. Also, I was struggling a bit with the chopsticks, so one of the wait staff sneakily passed me a fork – so thanks to them I was able to eat that meal! The decor inside the restaurant is nice and clean, but there are no real ornaments or decoration pieces that would distinguish it in any way. Regardless, it’s just opposite one of the exits to town hall, so the location is wonderful, and the range of yum cha and dumpling options, as well as noodle varieties, is quite outstanding in comparison to some of the other restaurants around the area!

I’d definitely give this a try if you like noodles, or if any of the steamer baskets or small plates from yum cha tickle your fancy! There’s just so much choice (although expect some menu items to unfortunately be unavailable), and the dessert is not to be missed – it made the meal for me, and I’d come back for those pancakes!

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