For a morning brunch just a short walk away from the newly opened Central Park, Brickfields is a great choice, especially if you love sourdough bread!

The menu range is quite limited, since the bakery only makes a handful of different varieties of breads that are then used in each of the dishes. I had wanted to try the avocado and chorizo option that I saw online, which looked delicious, but sadly, it wasn’t to be, as they had taken it off the menu. However, there were still a couple of dishes that looked amazing, so my friend and I shared the soft boiled egg, hommus, tomato, chorizo and sourdough bread, and the fig and walnut sourdough bread with house-made ricotta and honey. The chorizo in the first dish was very salty, and it was hard to finish, which let the dish down. The hommus was nice and fresh, and tasted very much of chickpea, but since they had already buttered the toasted sourdough, it was difficult to eat the two together as I would’ve liked!

Despite this, the egg was cooked to perfection and seasoned well, so overall, while some of the components were good, in coming together it did not make a great dish, which was disappointing. However, the second dish transformed the experience for me – the ricotta cheese complemented the sweetness of the fig and walnut sourdough perfectly, and the honey drizzled on top was the perfect way to cap off a great treat! The bread itself was crunchy and crisp, with a beautiful crust that wasn’t overcooked at all, but a soft inner bread to soak up the ricotta and honey topping. It made me see that the bread really is the specialty here, and I could’ve definitely finished the whole plate, and had even more than that!

Getting to Brickfields via public transport is problematic, so I would opt to drive instead and park in one of the side streets near the bakery (and a weekday would be ideal for this!) The interior is so well planned, as you can see right through to the bakery section at the back, and smell the freshly baked loaves as they are taken out of the oven for sale! There isn’t much seating inside, but you can sit at a long table that lines the back wall looking out onto the street, so sitting outside would be nicer, but unfortunately we went on a rainy day, so that wasn’t an option. The bakery is quite small, so it has a nice, cozy feel, and while the food took a while to come out, the servers were friendly and cheery, and happy to recommend menu items.

A great breakfast, brunch or light lunch spot if you’re anywhere near Broadway, Central Park or Chippendale! At $16, the soft boiled egg, hommus, tomato, chorizo and sourdough bread was a bit pricey relative to the taste of the dish, which was somewhat lacking. However, the $8 fig and walnut sourdough bread with house-made ricotta and honey was the star of the day, and I’d love to come back and have that again! In fact, I liked it so much that I grabbed a loaf for $6 to have at home, so definitely give Brickfields a try, because you really can’t go without their amazing bread!

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