Three Williams

Three Williams is well known for their amazing ‘narnies’ – naan bread wrapped around some scrumptious savory delights, so to see what all the hype was about, we decided to venture over to Redfern and check them out!

The menu is limited, but the options all sounded so wonderful and it was very difficult to choose! I definitely wanted a narnie, and I had to choose between a beef, prawn or pork option. Eventually, I settled on the grilled prawn narnie with hummus, sumac and mint leaf, which was so tasty! The prawn was cooked to perfection, lightly grilled and seasoned with spices, and the sumac and mint added freshness to the dish, with the hummus tying everything together. While the portion size seemed small, it was very filling and the quality of the dish was very high! My companion had the crunchy brioche French toast with strawberries, blueberries, yoghurt, roasted pecans and maple syrup. This was equally as divine as the first dish, and the bread, which was from the famous Sonoma bakery, was cooked with a light and sweet crumbed batter that added some texture and crunch to the toast, bringing a unique twist to the traditional french toast. The fresh fruit complemented the bread perfectly, and it would’ve been perfect with a coffee or a hot chocolate along with it!

The cafe is in the middle of a somewhat innocuous strip of shops, which made it quite difficult to find – we walked past and had to go back, after realising that the door sign, with the three dots, and a w, signified that we were at the right place! The interior is very rustic and bare – they haven’t focused a lot on decor, but that didn’t matter since the food was delicious! There’s plenty of seating space, and we went on a weekday around lunchtime, so it was easy to find a table, and the wait staff were so helpful and were happy to divulge the secret of the bread used in the French toast, which was great! Be sure to check out the takeaway specials on the board behind the counter since they’re about $2 cheaper than the regular menu, so if you want something to go, that would be a good option.

At $14 for the french toast, and $15 for the narnie, the dishes were a bit on the pricey side, but after tasting them both we had no complaints, as the quality of the dishes more than made up for the price and the smaller serving sizes. I’ll definitely be back to try their other narnie options, but possibly also for breakfast to sample their museli, which also sounded great. If you’re around Central, the Surry Hills Area, or Redfern Station, it’s just a short walk away, so check out Three Williams!

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