White House

For a lunch at uni with work friends, we decided to venture to the White House, a quirky, alternative bar and restaurant in a double story while cottage on the grounds of UNSW!

The best items on the menu are definitely the pizzas! I absolutely love the Dr Who one – with roasted chicken, onion, shallots, artichoke and homemade peri peri sauce, it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the strange flavour combination works well and the pizza has a lovely thin base, with melt in your mouth toppings and flavour galore! We also tried the Aragon pizza, but made it a vegetarian option due to dietary requirements. The sundried tomatoes, capsicum and caramelised onions were more than enough to be terrific and tasty toppings on the pizza, and despite my aversion to onions, they were caramelized well, and I resisted the urge to pick them off! The nachos were great as well, but there wasn’t anything particularly unique about them, although they were a good dish to share. We also grabbed a bowl of wedges, which are the best on campus, and be sure to get sweet chilli sauce and sour cream for that extra touch! I’ve previously also had one of their jaffles, which is a grilled sandwich served with a portion of chips. I chose the ham and cheese option, and it did not disappoint, but the serving size was very generous and I ended up sharing the chips around. In terms of drinks, I absolutely love their lemon lime bitters, which is made with the perfect bitters to lemonade ratio, and it’s great as a refresher on a hot day, and complements any meal perfectly!

Walking in, the walls are lined with various empty picture frames, adding to that hipster feel! The upstairs bar and seating area is the best place to dine, relax and grab drinks or a punch bowl, with ample seating on assorted, vintage looking couches, and around tables and armchairs. It’s a great place for larger groups, but the outside and downstairs dining sections are lovely too! Be mindful that the crowd at lunchtime is substantial, and they do take a while to make all of the orders, but the food is well worth the wait! Orders are placed at the counter, and you get a buzzer to indicate when your food is ready! The staff, especially at the upstairs bar, are friendly and often accommodate specific requests in altering menu items for dietary requirements and things, so take advantage of that!

For around $12 each, the pizzas are great value, with fantastic taste to match, they’re well worth a try! The nachos and wedges were both around $8 and $7 respectively – and while I absolutely love the wedges, the nachos are nothing special, so I wouldn’t order them again. A great hangout spot at uni, and perfect for a longer lunch to catch up with friends and relax!

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