Cremeria De Luca

Gelato Burger
Gelato Burger

We travelled to Five Dock to try the infamous gelato burger and sample some of the colourful flavours at Cremeria De Luca!

The gelato burger can be had with 1-2 scoops of ice cream, and sides of pana and nutella sauce. We opted for 1 scoop of caramel gelato and no sauce in our gelato burger, which came out in a sizeable bun with paper to protect your hands from drippage. The overall taste was very similar to an ice-cream sandwich, and quite divisive! But i really enjoyed it, and thought the sweet bread and salty gelato went together perfectly, and it was so sweet and yummy! We also tried the lemon-lime bitters granita, which was less of a hit, as there was plain lemonade granita mixed in with it which reduced the taste of the bitters, but an interesting texture and nice and refreshing nonetheless.

We went on a weekday so the cafe wasn’t too crowded, which was nice! Service was a bit slow, but that accounted for the time to prepare the burger, which was very nicely presented with a dusting of icing sugar on the top. Tables were quite limited so at busier times it may be advisable to order take-away instead. The location is quite awkward as well, being on the corner of a 3 way intersection, but there is ample parking in the surrounding streets if you’re willing to walk!

The gelato burger is certainly a must-try experience! While it sounds strange, any lovers of the ice-cream sandwich would enjoy this unique treat, which is quite reasonably priced too.

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