Devon on Danks

For a Sunday brunch with the girls, we headed to Devon on Danks to sample the famous donuts and Brioche French Toast!

We ordered three dishes to share between us – the bruschetta, the Little Lost Bread and a weekend special, which was the Pandan Cake. Our favourite from the three was definitely the cake, it was quite visually outstanding, and tasted strongly of pandan, light and fluffy as a chiffon cake should be. The pieces of meringue were also delicious, and our only complaint with the dish was the ginger ice cream which was too overpowering.

The bruchetta was also very tasty, and quite a refreshing meal. The soft boiled egg that came along with it was cooked perfectly, and we ordered two extra eggs on the side so that we each had one with our meals. The Little Lost Bread’s brioche components were perfect, but the carrot sorbet on top was unappetising and not a hit with all three of us. We all preferred the previous strawberry flavour that we had tried on another visit, and would have enjoyed that a lot more.

The cafe is a little hard to find, and a bus from Central is required to get there, so it’d be better to drive, as there is ample parking in the surrounding streets.. The wait for a table around 10 on a Sunday took around half an hour, and no bookings are accepted for breakfast, so be sure to go early! While waiting, we were able to order coffee and donuts, which we ordered takeaway. The table we had was shared with other diners, which was a bit crowded, but not too uncomfortable.

I’d go on a weekday over a weekend, as I’ve been before midweek and it’s been much less busy! Service was also a bit slow due to the amount of customers, and there was some confusion with some of our drink orders, but each of the dishes were beautifully presented, and we saw the Pandan Cake dish being constructed – it took a total of 10 minutes! It was crafted with such care and detail, so their plating is outstanding.

While on my first visit, the Little Lost Bread was the highlight, this time the Pandan Cake shone through. Brave the weekend lines just for that, but if not, go on a weekday to avoid long lines, and get your pick of the donuts!

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