For a celebratory dinner, we took a foray into fine dining and sampled 3 courses at est.

We opted for 3 courses to make the most of the experience, and tried a bit of all of the dishes so that we coul taste all of the wonderful creations. For my entree, I chose the marron, which was very similar in texture but more flavourful than lobster, and was served with leek and an assortment of sauces, which complemented each other perfectly. I also tried the duck, which was a little dry for my liking, and the cod, which was well cooked and had a lovely accompanying sauce. My main was the cocoa saddle crusted venison, which was quite tender but also very flavourful, and quite unique in the tastes and textures.

The accompanying sauces were tasty and the coffee tweals, while not quite my cup of tea, were visually appealing and an interesting contrast on the plate. I also tried some of the rib eye and the lamb, which were tender, but not too notable. Finally, I finished up with the passionfruit souffle, which was a bit of a disappointment, as it wasn’t light and fluffy but seemed a bit undercooked, and the sorbet was too heavy and intense. A more contrasting flavour would have worked better. I also tried some of the chocolate whisky delice, which was delicious, and my personal favourite out of the desserts was the raspberry sorbet, which was so light and refreshing and served with fresh fruit.

To round out the meal, petit fours were brought out with 2 jellies and an Anzac cookie, which was a nice surprise and a good way to round out the meal.

The whole experience from entering the restaurant was magical. Our coats were taken at the door, and there was ample dining space, so we weren’t too crowded. We opted for quite an early dining slot, starting at 6, and only a few other tables were occupied. The waiter was so attentive and brought around a personal bread selection for each of us, which we were very impressed with. Apart from a few minor confusions about who ordered which meal, which were quickly clarified, each course was brought out quickly, and the plating was outstanding, with each dish perfectly presented.

At $135 for 3 courses, we were able to sample a large quantity of food from the menu, and it was excellently cooked. est. is a fantastic fine dining experience that is well worth the steep price tag!

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