After an exciting roadtrip to the National Park, we were more than ready for a big dinner and Sud seemed like the perfect place to try. We came in with high expectations as it had been highly recommended by others, and when we walked inside, we could see that it was already quite busy and alive.

For the main, we opted for the daily special which was lamb, as well as the ravioli chi funci. The lamb, to put it bluntly, was fantastic! It was served very nicely on a wooden platter and from the moment it was set down, our senses appreciated the beautiful waft that it brought with it. Our first impressions were not let down – the lamb itself was beautifully cooked and quite tender, whilst the baked potatoes were also excellently done and complemented the overall meal very nicely.

The ravioli chi funci was also very well made – the flavours mixed together quite harmonically to create a very nice meal, and the quantities on both of our mains were quite substantial which obviously great.

The restaurant had a very nice atmosphere to it, and despite being busy, the service remained efficient. The waiters delivered the dishes and explained them to us in a convincing accent, and for a moment, we were lost in Italy.

Sud claims to be the best Italian restaurant in Concord. After the two meals that we had, we can say that that statement is not far off the mark. We would definitely recommend dropping by for dinner and, if the lamb is on offer, do yourself a favour and choose it.

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