Nano Espresso

Surry Hills is known for its extraordinary range of cafes, and Nano Espresso should be added to that repertoire. Only a few minutes’ walk from Central Station, it was a convenient way to open my morning with a quick take-away breakfast.

Feeling rather unadventurous, I opted for options that I knew would be delicious, but also refreshing and nutritious; the seasonal fruit salad and the smoked salmon and avocado on sourdough toast.

The fruit salad was faultless from the first bite to the last. Every small piece of fruit inside was perfectly ripened and there was not one moment where I felt like a piece of fruit was ‘off’, which is quite rare for a fruit salad. The wide variety of fruits, from melons to strawberries to a passionfruit, created a series of contrasting and complementary flavours. Elegantly set out in a series of escalating circles, this was the perfect way to properly wake up.

What the fruit salad was in freshness, the salmon and avocado toast was in deliciousness. The salmon was lightly topped with some black pepper which added surprisingly to the taste, and I finished the meal feeling entirely satisfied with my choice of breakfast.

The café itself is very small and intimate. Service was moderately paced, however be prepared if it is a busy morning to wait for a bit.

For an affordable breakfast near Central Station, keep Nano Espresso in mind. Although the menu is not as extensive as other cafes, what they do serve, they serve properly. I will be returning to try some other parts of their menu in the future.

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