Parlour Burger

After a difficult case competition, we took a short walk from the Deloitte offices to Parlour Burger to try the famous Charcoal Burger!

All four of us tried the Black Widow burger – a charcoal bun containing ground beef, chipotle mayo and jalepeno chilli, which I bravely left in. When they arrived, the smell was so delicious, and we tucked right in. The bun itself did not taste particularly distinctive, despite the striking visual appearance of the black bun. However, the insides were great, and excellently seasoned with the right amount of kick and spice. It was an intriguing flavour experience, and one that is difficult to forget.

Parlour Burger is a short walk from Wynyard or Circular Quay station, and was slightly difficult to find. The atmosphere is very similar to a bar, with a large crowd, so go during non-peak times if you want a larger table. I would have preferred a more restaurant like feel like The Morrisons next door, but it was fun and vibrant in its own way. The burgers are ordered at the counter and brought out to you, and when they do, take a moment or two to instagram or snapchat these marvellous creations, as the striking colour and black shade are something quite unique!

For an unconventional burger experience, head to Parlour Burger and try the famous charcoal bun! I’ll definitely be back for some of the other menu items, including the duck fat chips, the dirty burger or the vegetarian option, which all looked good as well.

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