Known for its Satay Chicken and Roti bread, as per the famous tagline, Mamak restaurant in Chinatown is one of the most authentic Malaysian restaurants in Sydney!

We opted for their two famous dishes, and ordered three of their basic roti canai dishes between two people, and a set of half a dozen satay sticks. The satay were fairly average, and did not have the authentic taste and flavour that Malaysian satay is known for. The sauce was also quite lumpy, and it was difficult to dip the skewers into it and immerse them all the way through.

The roti on the other hand was so light and fluffy, with just the right amount of sweetness and perfect texture, reminding us of the roti available in Malaysian mamak restaurants. The accompanying fish curry and dhal curry were perfect complements, with the fish curry in particular being a standout. Slightly spicy and flavoursome, it went along nicely with the roti. For those who prefer more of a spicy kick, the dash of sambal that was provided was also liked, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it, as it’s not for the faint hearted!

As usual, the restaurant has a queue outside, but as the lunch hour rush has cleared somewhat, we get a table within 5 minutes. The appeal of waiting in the queue is being able to watch the roti being prepared, which is fascinating to watch!

Service was quick, although the food was a little slow to come out, but considering everything is made from scratch, it was well worth the wait. The menu is expansive and has many different types of roti, from Roti Murtabak with meat filling to the cone shaped Roti Bom, so there’s something for everyone to try! Their takeaway containers for roti orders are thoughtfully designed as well, with separate compartments for each of the sauces and the roti as well, making carrying and transporting this dish an easy feat.

Mamak became famous for its rotis, and they continue to be extremely authentic and true to original Malaysian mamak cuisine. Avoid the queues by going on a weekday, and be sure to try some excellent Malaysian fare!

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