Eagles Nest Restaurant Thredbo

A magical journey to the snow would not be complete without a meal at the highest restaurant in Australia, Eagles Nest at Thredbo. After a long and beautiful chair-lift up the mountain, we went for a 4km walk to the Mt. Kosciusko lookout, and then were more than ready for lunch.

For the entrée, we went for the garlic prawns which were quite delicious. The sauce it was served in had a full flavour and complemented the prawns beautifully. It also worked wonderfully with the bread that was served as a dipping sauce.

For the main, we had an open steak sandwich, which unfortunately wasn’t as amazing. The flavours contrasted in an unpleasant manner and the steak itself was not cooked very nicely.

The hot chocolate however is amazing and we would recommend dropping in for a short break just for this! It is rather sweet however is extremely well made and contrasts with the freezing temperatures outside wonderfully.

Overall, for food, we would probably recommend going to the bistro just downstairs which we tasted on a different day and was quite delicious.

There is something quite magical about being at the highest restaurant in Australia and large windows allow you to see this. Either arrive early or call to ensure that you can get a window seat which is more than worth it. The service was quite standard.

As a restaurant in the abstract, Eagles Nest is nothing spectacular. When you are 2,000 metres above the ground however and snow is beautifully falling all around you, the food is put into perspective. You are paying for the view of a lifetime, and for that, Eagles Nest is more than sufficient.

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