Sydney Tower Buffet

For the ultimate dining experience at the heights of the city, we took the lift up to Sydney Tower Buffet Restaurant, and enjoyed an all-you-can-eat tasting experience in a revolving buffet restaurant!

We tried a selection of items at the buffet, including both hot and cold food, and of course, dessert. Out of the hot food items, the crocodile chipolatas were so delicious, and the exotic sausages were so good as well. Flavoursome and bite sized, they were a highlight in an otherwise ordinary menu, as most of the other items were standard fare. The fresh prawns and mussels were the highlight of the cold meats and seafood bar, as they were unseasoned and natural, and very well cooked.

Finally, it came to dessert, and we took one of each of the items available. They were each beautifully presented, and the highlight was the apple, sultana and cinnamon tart, which had perfectly cooked pasty and a beautiful blend of flavours. I didn’t enjoy either the lavender or tapioca mousses, but they were presented very nicely in the little cups, with each of the layers easily visible.

Tables are set out in the revolving portion of the restaurant, and the food is towards the centre, which is stationary. It’s set out with mini labels, which were slightly wrong on the day that we went, making for an interesting surprise or two! There is also a seafood bar and salad counter, and hot food is served in windows at the middle.

The dining sessions are set for a period of two hours, but they’re not too strict if you go a few minutes over. We’d recommend going earlier rather than later to ensure that some of the options don’t run out, and that you have your pick of the bunch. Staff cleared the tables each time we got up to get more food, which was excellent and so efficient, and drinks came out quickly as well.

In terms of the revolving aspect, the movement is really slight, so you won’t feel it at all. It takes 1.5 hours to do one full rotation, which allows you to see so much of the city, and was truly magical. We went on a slightly rainy day, but it didn’t detract from the experience at all, and was still equally as good!

The buffet experience is extremely value for money if you can eat a large quantity, but here, you pay for the experience, and we felt it was well worth it. The food presented some favourites, and the desserts in particular were delicious, and it was truly an unforgettable lunch!

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