Devon Cafe


For a brunch catchup with a school friend, we took a short walk to Devon Cafe to try their Asian-inspired menu, and were looking for a great and quick meal.

I ordered the poached eggs with kaya toast, which is a type of Malaysian jam made from coconut. It was so delicious, the bread perfectly toasted and the kaya jam having just the right amount of sweetness, reminding me of Kopi Tiam shops in Malaysia that sell this type of fare. The eggs were also delicious, soaked in soya sauce to give them flavour, and perfectly runny in the middle.

My friend chose the salmon with eel croquette, which she wasn’t as impressed with. While the salmon was well cooked, the eel was underwhelming in its flavour, and the dish was quite simple, and lacked something to tie it all together. We both also ordered a smoothie, with my pick being the berry one, and hers being a honey one that was difficult to drink, due to the honey clogging up the straw. I enjoyed mine immensely though, and found it refreshing and the perfect start to the morning!!

With a great menu and location, it seems that Devon could do no wrong, but we were extremely let down by the service on the day. The food was so slow to come out and we both received our meals at different times, and even to get the bill took around half an hour, which was quite a long wait. This would really deter us from coming back in the future as I experienced long wait times and bad service on visits in the past too.

While my meal was amazing, my companion’s was less so, and the whole experience left us with a bit of a bitter taste in our mouths, despite the delicious meal! Hopefully Devon fixes their service to ensure that their food continues to shine through!

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