Espresso Organica

Known for being situated in a notoriously difficult location on Majors Bay Road, Espresso Organica boasts an impressively diverse range of food, coffee and takeaway delights!

The dish we ordered to share was the Jindi Creek Lamb Lemonato, which was a slow roasted lamb rum cooked in a clay pot with lemon and rosemary, which was served with chips and salad. To be honest, the chips and salad were the most edible part of the dish, as the lamb was flavourless and soggy, and lacked any distinct lemon or rosemary infusion. The texture was fairly unpalatable, and we left most of it uneaten, which was a great disappointment.

The cafe was fairly packed and service was a bit slow, especially considering the dish we ordered. Most of the crowd comes around lunchtime, despite the cafe being open almost all day, so be mindful that you should go early if you want to get a table and enjoy faster service.

Having tried a sample of their menu, we were really deterred from coming back, but perhaps some of their other menu items are more suited to our tastes and better prepared, so we may be back to give them a second chance. Previous visits for coffee and a snack have been great, so maybe stick to afternoon or morning tea at Espresso Organica, and avoid the heavier meals!

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