La Bella Vista

A Groupon deal and a desire for Italian caused us to venture to La Bella Vista, in Church Street, Parramatta. We took one of the earlier dining sessions at 6 p.m. and were curious to see just how this would fare against some of the other Italian competition in Parramatta.

For the main, we opted for the steak with baked potatoes and the pappardelle pasta with lobster meat and vodka sauce. The first thing that should be noted from the outset is that the quantities were substantial – the pasta completely took up a huge plate and the steak was almost enough in itself, not even accounting for the potatoes it was served with.

The steak was cooked quite nicely and the mushroom sauce it was served with definitely added to the flavour. In terms of overall steak quality however, it was rather average – nothing super fantastic but also nothing bad as well. The pasta however was quite delicious. Lobster meat rarely goes wrong, however the true novelty of the dish was its vodka sauce. This could barely be tasted so we enjoyed it more for the idea than for its actual presence.

For the desserts, we had a tiramisu and a chocolate mousse. Both were quite delicious and had very rich flavours. As with the mains, the quantity was quite large, which is always a pleasant surprise with desserts.

When we arrived, the restaurant was empty which meant that the service was quite attentive, however we are unsure what it would be like on a busy night. There are also options to sit outside which would be quite nice depending on the weather.

La Bella Vista is a solid option when it comes to Parramatta dining. We would recommend going with one of their Groupon deals however as the price becomes more affordable and you still have access to the same menu and options.

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