Mad Spuds Cafe

For a quick breakfast before uni, we ventured to the café central that is Surry Hills to try Mad Spuds Café. The concept of a café centred on potatoes was something that we found intriguing, and we were very curious to see just how the concept was developed and also where all the positive reviews came from.

We opted for two distinct choices on the menu – the toasted sourdough and the Whacko Taco. The Whacko Taco consisted of potatoes with Mexican style beef, avocado, salsa and sour cream. Although this may be the first time we had ever eaten a baked potato for breakfast, we cannot say it will be the last. The potatoes were very well cooked, and the served extras enriched the flavour and led to an overall delicious, albeit unique, meal.

The sourdough toast is something that we have had more experience in eating, and hence more points of comparison, and in all of these Mad Spuds’ offering more than held its own. The combination of avocado and tomato made for a very fresh opening, whilst the haloumi on the toast was fabulously cooked. When they were all eaten together, the flavours mixed together in a beautiful harmony.

Mad Spuds takes the idea of potatoes truly to heart, with extensive imagery all around reflecting this concept (even the bathroom doors are painted with Mr. Potatohead from Toy Story). We felt that we had entered a potato world, which, being honest, is a happy world. The café doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this is a big part of its charm.

Potatoes are a staple food in many, many cultures around the world. Mad Spuds takes this and makes it the central component of its meals. The wide variety of flavours, combined with the unique décor of the place, lead us to highly recommend it. When you are next in Surry Hills, make sure you give Mad Spuds a consideration.

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