Pottery Green Bakers

Our adventure to the upper north of Sydney led us to the acclaimed Pottery Green Bakers café. A cute little café on a small side-street near Gordon station, Pottery Green does not rely on flashy signs to draw its clientele, but rather, focuses its energy on traditional, quality food and a unique décor.

For brunch, we had the Baker’s Breakfast pan and the mango and chicken salad. The Baker’s pan is a dream for the lovers of a big breakfast – the egg in particular was very well cooked, and whilst the bacon was slightly overdone, overall, we were quite impressed. The real excitement with this portion of the meal however came from its visual layout – the meal is set out in an actual pan on a wooden board, something we had not encountered before and definitely one for the Instagram.

The mango and chicken salad however cannot be rated highly enough. It was as amazingly refreshing as it was filling and nutritious, and as far as salads go, this still ranks as my favourite one ever. The unique combination of fresh mango (obviously depending on the season), with avocado, chicken and a range of other salads was extremely satisfying and there was an entire spectrum of flavours with which to tease the taste buds.

The café has a rustic French flavour, with the walls, tables and general atmosphere cleverly reflecting this. It is small in size creating an intimate environment and the service is quite decent.

We had a lovely time at Pottery Green and a stopover here should be on every foodie’s to-do list. Make sure to drop by in summer so you can try the chicken and mango salad, and, in the process, enjoy the best of what the north has to offer.

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