Rockpool Bar & Grill

For an entry level Neil Perry dining experience, we headed to Rockpool Bar and Grill to sample the famous David Blackmore Wagyu burger, and some of his scrumptious dessert!

We ordered two mains and a dessert between two people – the highly rated steak, the David Blackmore Wagyu Burger and the crème caramel to finish. The burger was so delicious, with the meat being tender and perfectly cooked. The only thing I didn’t enjoy as much was the zuni pickle, which I felt didn’t complement the rest of the flavours in the burger, and was difficult to eat. While we were told there was no sides with the bar menu, it came out with a small salad. We ordered the steak medium well, and found that the marinade was reminiscent of tandoori and Indian flavours. The meat was extremely tender, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Finally, the course I was most excited for – dessert! We opted for the crème caramel off the full Rockpool Bar and Grill menu, and it didn’t disappoint. Creamy and rich, it melted in my mouth, and the accompanying sauce soaked through, leaving it dripping with caramel and a decadent delight.

Walking into Rockpool Bar and Grill, I couldn’t help but be wowed by the two tier dining experience, and the high ceilings and spacious atmosphere. The bar similarly did not disappoint, with glasses hanging from the ceiling of the service area, and cosy chairs for small groups. We went a little bit later on in the evening, and took the last table available, so go as early as possible or be prepared to wait for a table. Service was a little slow, but it was a busy night, and the food was well worth the wait.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of Neil Perry’s creations at the Rockpool Bar, and definitely will be coming back for a meal from the full menu!

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