Rhodes Phoenix

For a yum cha family feast, we walked over to Rhodes Shopping Centre and escalated to the Rhodes Phoenix Restaurant!

There is a great selection of fried and steamed dumplings on the trolleys, which come around quite frequently during peak periods. In terms of less favourite options, we ordered vegetarian spring rolls, which are not my favourite, but my sister liked them immensely, especially with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. We also had fried noodles, which I find dry and tasteless and sometimes slightly oily, but the rest of my family likes. I really enjoyed the trio of seared scallops, which were delicious and fresh, and served with shallots and vermicelli noodles.

We also had bbq pork, which was well cooked and generously portioned, with minimal fat, which I appreciated. The Chinese veggies were also very tasty, soaked in soya sauce and still al dente, and not wilted. Finally, for dessert I had the mango pudding with a topping of condensed milk, which is one of my favourite yum cha treats. It was refreshing and tasty, and had a smooth consistency, and was so easy to eat – I could’ve had another!

The wait for a table around lunchtime is very lengthy though, so be mindful that you should grab a number and come back after half an hour or so – have a browse around the shops while you wait. Service is usually quite quick and staff are even able to bring favourite dishes to you if you request it and it’s nowhere to be found on the trolleys. At some yum cha restaurants I’ve been to, language barriers with the staff have been an issue, and Phoenix is no exception, but generally if you know what you want, it’s fairly easy to get it.

For excellent yum cha fare and a good selection of dishes, a visit to Rhodes Phoenix is a must – it’s great value and a nice experience of Chinese cuisine. Yum cha is an important cultural custom that brings families together over a plate of food, and is definitely a great dining experience.

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