Alice’s Makan


For a quick lunch after uni, we stopped by Alice’s Makan, located in the Pavilion on George Food Court just outside Town Hall Station!

I ordered a roti set with chicken curry, and a satay stick on the side. I was so pleasantly surprised with the quantity, as I received 3 rotis, and the curry had chicken pieces in it as well. The satay stick was delicious, and the chicken very juicy, rather than fatty and dry as some satay can be. The curry itself was nicely spiced, and complimented the roti well, which was light and fluffy and slightly sweet, a bit different to traditional Malaysian cuisine, but enjoyable nonetheless.

As it was during a peak lunch period, the queue to order was quite long and it took some time to prepare. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait, and there was ample seating in the surrounding food court for our group to all sit together, which was great!

For a quick takeaway bite or inner city lunch, be sure to visit Alice’s Makan, for some great Malaysian cuisine! I’ll definitely be back to try more of their menu, particularly their kueh!

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