For a post-work dessert, we went to Azoto on Liverpool Street, to sample their liquid nitrogen cooled ice-cream. In this field, comparisons will inevitably be made to the established N2, and we were curious to see how it would compare in terms of presentation and taste.

As we were a bit unsure what to expect, we ordered the ‘Salt Lick Teaser’, which consisted of a salted caramel base, crushed maltesers and salted caramel sauce. Overall, we were very impressed and the quantity was more than we expected! The maltesers and the crumble present created a solid ‘crunch’ which contrasted with the smoothness of the ice-cream, whilst the caramel was quite rich and delicious.

The presentation was quite beautiful; ours was served in a small cup with a plastic syringe with the caramel sauce stuck inside.

The dessert is made right in front of you, and you can see the ‘mad scientist’ setup that N2 is famous for. When it is served, the nitrogen is still evaporating, creating a mystifying aura of gas around it, which is really exciting. Serving time was quite fast however when we went, the store was essentially empty, so we are unsure about standard waiting times.

Initially we were a bit unsure what Azoto would be like, however we concluded that it is a solid competitor to N2. Overall, it’s a great product and well worth the short wait.

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