Burger Project

A quick work lunch saw us stop over at Neil Perry’s latest creation, Burger Project. When it first appeared on the scene, Burger Project was surrounded by considerable hype for attempting to recreate the famous Rockpool burger at a more manageable price. Many months later, that hype still exists – the line at lunch when we arrived extended upwards of twenty people and the inside of the restaurant was a bustling hive of activity.

We opted for the Double Burger – two grass fed beef patties, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and their secret sauce. From start to finish, this was an entirely satisfying experience that left us wanting more. The meat itself tastes fresh and complements the soft bun and the ‘American’ feel of the burger perfectly. The choice of salads complements the main flavour beautifully and the double patty is the perfect quantity for a solid meal. It is clear that Perry has managed to live up to some of the incredible hype, and I am excited to try some of the other options in the future.

The lunch hour rush at Burger Project is very busy. Be expecting to have to wait a bit to order (though we only had to wait ~5 minutes due to the efficiency of the staff) and then you need to wait for it to be freshly made. This is definitely worth it however, with the wisdom of crowds proving true. There are options for both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeaway, and the inside is nicely lit with a pleasant atmosphere.

Burger Project is not a mere burger shop. It aims to merge the history and character of Rockpool with the modern convenience of accessible dining, and in this pursuit, it succeeds admirably. We would definitely recommend giving it a go, and we will be back for Round Two in the near future.

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