Gelato Messina

As an after dinner treat, we braved the long line and tried some of the unique flavours at Gelato Messina in Parramatta!

We each got one scoop in a waffle cone, and opted for the daily special flavours. I tried the Romanikerer, which was a peanut butter chocolate gelato with peanut butter brownie. It was so delicious, with the sweetness of the ice cream perfectly contrasted with the chewy and slightly salted brownies. My mum opted for the Pistachio and Milk Chocolate with Pistachio praline, which she felt didn’t have a strong pistachio flavour, and she didn’t enjoy the praline in the ice cream. The cones however were very tasty and we both enjoyed this better than the cup.

Given it was a Saturday night, there was a long queue, so we waited for about 10 minuets before being allowed into the store. We were given a menu while we waited, which was a nice touch! The famous cakes are on display as you enter the shop, and the interior was bright and colourful, and more open and spacious than their usual outlets. We tried a few flavours before deciding, and service was quick as well.

For a sweet treat after dinner, head over to Gelato Messina in Parramatta, and be sure to go early enough to avoid the long line!

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