Pasticceria Tamborrino

In search of pastries and cheesecake that is as good as Pasticceria Papa’s, we travelled to Five Dock and bought a selection from Pasticceria Tamborrino!

We bought a selection of pastries and cookies. In our first selection, we chose a ricotta cheesecake, mini cannoli puffs, and mini cream horn pastries. The second selection included jam biscuits, cream sandwiched biscuits and long shortbread pieces. We definitely enjoyed the biscuits, and they were the highlight – crumbly and buttery and melt in your mouth. However, we were left feeling very disappointed with the cheesecake and cannoli, as they both used the same ricotta filling which had a strange aftertaste and was nowhere near as smooth and creamy as Papa’s. We did enjoy the mini pastries though, which was the highlight in an otherwise lacklustre pastry lineup!

On this occasion we ordered takeaway, but there is ample space to sit and have a coffee and enjoy some of their sweet treats. Service took some time as choosing a selection isn’t easy, but we were happy to browse while we were waiting as there was so much available to choose from.

For a sweet biscuit or treat, head to Pasticceria Tamborrino and grab a takeaway box, or order a coffee and eat in!

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