Peters of Kensington Coffee Shop


Peters of Kensington is an iconic department store in Randwick, with humble origins as a gift and trinket store that expanded into an old theatre and grew from there. For an afternoon tea with the girls, we caught the bus down, and discovered a hidden gem – a coffee shop inside!

We each ordered a coffee and set of scones. I opted for a hot chocolate, which was rich and thick, but had just the right amount of sweetness to be savoured and enjoyed. The scones were the real highlight though – they were warm, light and fluffy and served with jam and some whipped cream, which complemented the heavier scone perfectly.

We went later in the afternoon on a weekday, so it was only us and another group at the cafe. The staff are lovely, and were patient while we selected our drinks and explored the store, and then came back when it was all ready. While they closed at 5, they were happy for us to pay and continue sitting at the table while they closed up, which was really nice!

For an afternoon tea bite or two, or a quick coffee, head over to the Coffee Shop at Peters of Kensington, and don’t miss out on the fantastic scones!

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