Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

For a meaty and hearty lunch in a nice and casual atmosphere, we headed to Fogo Brazillian Churrasco on Bondi Beach!

To try a selection of each of the meats on offer, we bought the Brasilia Platter, which included beef, chicken, lamb and beef chorizo, served with bread, salad and Fogo fries. The platter as a whole was underwhelming, and nothing particularly delicious stood out to us, apart from the chicken, which was grilled nicely. The sides were a good accompaniment to an otherwise heavy meal, and the chips were tasty and well seasoned.

We also ordered the Sao Paulo Chicken burger, and the crispy chicken breast was tasty and flavoursome, and not too spicy as we initially feared! The meat was the real star, and the other contents, including the lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, complimented it nicely. The only thing that we would have preferred was a more moist bread bun, as the one used was quite dry and floury.

We went for a later lunch, and the restaurant was relatively empty, which was nice! Service was a little slow as it took a while for all of the food to cook, but by the time the food arrived, we were hungry enough to eat our feast! Dining outside would be nice on a warmer day, and the location is great, as it’s easily accessible from the beach, so takeaway and eating on the sand would be an option too!

For a solid alternative to Hurricanes, visit Fogo Brazillian Churrasco at Bondi Beach! Out of all the meats, the chicken was the highlight, and the burgers are great as well.

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