Black Star Pastry

We had heard raving reviews about Black Star’s watermelon cake, and one warm Thursday we decided to venture to Newtown for an afternoon treat. Black Star is very conveniently located near the station, and this was the perfect chance to assess all the hype.

Naturally, we ordered the Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream, as did basically everyone else in the café. In addition, we also ordered a Caramel Panna Cotta to sample their broader range.

Unfortunately, the watermelon cake surprised us and not in a positive way. The smell was delicious and we were very excited for the first bite, however the flavours contrasted in a confusing manner that didn’t add together to create a holistic whole. This impression remained with us throughout the rest of the cake. This experience suggests that the watermelon cake being superb is not a universally shared view, and this must be considered. Having said this, the presentation was absolutely fantastic and it looked as beautiful as I had ever seen a cake.

By contrast, the Panna Cotta looked rather plain and unassuming but was quite delicious! Having a lovely texture and leaving a satisfying taste, the cream and caramel melded together to create a great dessert.

The café itself is very small which means that on busier days, it may be impossible to get a seat. Takeaway is an option however, so don’t let this be a deterrent. Service was friendly and nice.

Black Star is clearly a favourite for many people, and we are sure that the watermelon cake is something that is an ideal cake for many. Our experience however showed us that expectations of Black Star should be tempered slightly. Black Star is not an Olympic medallist in cakes, it is however a solid performer, and should be kept in mind.

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